According to the definition of the Basel Committee on Banking and Regulatory Practices, the "Money Laundering" is used by criminals to use the financial system to transfer funds from one account to another to cover the true and beneficial ownership of the payment, or Is the use of the financial system to provide funds custody services deposit.

Hong Kong, the world's major financial city, has been closely monitoring the arrangements for anti-money laundering in Hong Kong's financial institutions. In 2012, the Hong Kong Government enacted the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Funds (Financial Institutions) Ordinance to further strengthen the financial sector's efforts to combat "money laundering" and the mobilization of terrorist funds. In addition, a number of international large financial institutions themselves have very strict internal measures and systems to prevent "Money Laundering" to ensure the interests of clients and fulfill their corporate responsibilities.

ACU Bullion strictly comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance
ACU Bullion, as a financial institution registered in Hong Kong and valued corporate responsibility, not only strictly comply with the guidelines and requirements in the Law on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Financial Institutions), but also as stringent as other international large financial institutions Internal measures and systems, as well as a series of arrangements for clients to open their accounts and funds to eliminate the possibility of being used by lawless elements as "money laundering" or misappropriation of client funds to protect the interests of all clients.

Talk to your client when opening an account
In order to prevent unauthorized persons from opening their accounts and to use the Belarus precious metals for "money laundering" activities, the Company has strictly followed the arrangement of "Know your customer" (KYC) throughout the account opening process. The arrangement not only prevents the lawless elements from opening an account, but also protects the interests of all new customers. New customers need to fill out the account form for initial identification.
In order to protect the security and authenticity of the customer's identity, the Company requires all new customers to provide an ID or a copy of the passport, a copy of the bank card or bank statement, valid proof of address
Certify the information provided by the customer and call the new customer to confirm the identity if necessary
If the customer fails to pass the relevant review program, the company will reject the customer's account application

Clients' arrangements for deposit and withdrawal and transactions
ACU Bullion does not accept bank accounts and cash payments for non-I (third-party) banks.
All customer withdrawals must be made to the bank account under the customer's name to confirm the security of each withdrawal.
If the Company finds that the Client has made a deposit with his / her non-self (IFT) account but has not made any transaction, the Company shall have the right to deduct 10% of all the third party's deposit as the relevant fee and return the balance to the depository bank account.
If the Client discovers that the Client has made a deposit and has made a transaction with his / her own (third party) account, the Company shall have the right to cancel all transactions and offers (including but not rebates, grants) from the third party's deposit, After the third party deposits 10% of the relevant expenses, the balance back to the depository bank account. At the same time, the Company has the right to immediately freeze the Client's account to investigate, prohibit all transactions in its account and, in its discretion, to report the event to any relevant regulatory body or law enforcement agency.
If the Company suspects that any account has used any means to manipulate its prices, execution and platform (including but not limited to third party transactions that the Client has not approved by the Company), the Company reserves the right to keep relevant inquiries and audits of the Account Rights and the right to deduct from the alleged account earnings earned by the relevant activities.

ACU Bullion understands that the above arrangement will cause a certain degree of inconvenience to customers in the opening and deposit arrangements. However, all the above arrangements will not only provide for regulatory requirements, but will also help the Company to more effectively protect the interests of all customers. The customer's account is misappropriated and has the opportunity to allow all customers to enjoy the world-class investment services provided by the company in the safest possible future.

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