Precious Metals margin trading is a relatively high-risk investment, in order to protect your interests, please make sure you understand all the details in the terms and conditions and the potential risks, and carefully read the following points before account opening.


- Clients must read and understand all contents in the clients’ agreement and agree to accept all the terms and conditions mentioned.

- For all the risks that generated clients authorize the third party to operate the trading account, no matter in any way (including privately providing the transaction password to the third party).

- Clients must pay the economic and legal responsibility caused by it.

- Clients must understand how to use the online transaction system for trade, how to inquire the account and balance, etc. on the internet.

- The staffs of the company are not allowed to and do not accept any operation authorized by clients, and will never be allowed to privately sign any agreement with clients and letter of undertaking.

- Clients shall bear the economic and legal responsibility brought about by private agreement or authorization.

- Transaction password is the client's personal assets, and must be properly kept. If the password leak is found, inform the company's customer service department as soon as possible.

- In addition to providing telephone password to confirm identity when you carry out the telephone trading, clients shall not inform the third party of the transaction password.

- In order to reduce the unnecessary risk, when the net asset value in an account is less than 30%, the company can close a position for clients without notice in advance.

- All investment advice is for reference only; the clients should decide business strategy by themselves, and take the consequences.

- Clients shall bear the risk that the online trading system cannot take transaction, and understand that they shall carry out by phone trading business in the case of being unable to make online trading.

- In general, the company will take the basic difference as the standard of transaction offer. When the market is in fluctuation or affected by other factors, the price may tend to take the basic difference.

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