Trading FAQ

How to download the trading platform?

Please click "trading platform download" link on the homepage of the website, enter the download page and then click "MT5 download" to download the software.


How to log in the trading platform of ACU Bullion?

Double click the icon of "ACU Bullion" on your computer desktop to run the trading platform; click the "file" on the left upper side of the transaction platform to choose "login"; input your correct trading account number and password on the log-in window and then click "login" to successfully log in the trading platform.

* Please beware of the password letter case.


What are the products that can be traded on ACU Bullion?

ACU Bullion provides convenient and fast two-ways leveraged spot bullion trading tools, the traded products including Spot Gold and Spot Silver.


The upper and lower limit for one-time lot size is as follows:

The minimum trading lot size of precious metals product is 0.1 lot, and the maximum for Spot Gold is 20 lots, and for Spot Silver is 10 lots.

* If you wish to increase the upper limitation of lot size at a single transaction, please contact the customer service department of ACU Bullion.


How the overnight interest is being charged?

According to different directions of opening a position, the overnight interest rate is also different and the interest can be adjusted according to market fluctuations, please note the product list as shown in the platform.

* Formula: Contract Open Price × Contract Unit × Lot Size × Interest Rate × (1/360)


About abnormal trading:

Network delay, network malfunction, computer’s disorder, price feeding error or system vulnerabilities could cause the inaccurately reflection of the real-time market price. In order to ensure the fairness of online trading and the rights and interests of the customers, ACU Bullion does not accept any order placed by taking advantages of the trading platform loophole or malfunctioning.


ACU Bullion compared the abnormal trades and the actual needs of normal customer trades in the past to develop the definition of abnormal trades, and summarized as follows:

1. When the customer withdrawals, we will review the customer’s all withdrawals conducted from the last time to this time (first withdrawal starts from the account opening); according to the transaction volume, when there is 50% of transaction volume with the holding time of less than 5 minutes, we will take a further audit for this account, and the audit time needs to lengthen 3 hours.

2. When there is 30% of the transaction volume of the suspected abnormal transaction with the holding time of less than 3 minutes.

3. When there is 30% of the transaction volume of the suspected abnormal transaction that belongs to the hedge lock order established within 3 minutes.

4. Customers use the same account and use more than one computer terminal for trading at the same time, with the intention to take "intensive transaction" to make the market pose misleading information of a great volume of business.

5. With the help of a third-party software, the customer (plug-in software) uses the software vulnerabilities to order. (If the EA trading is needed, please contact online customer service personnel of ACU Bullion).

6. Using the Internet or computer “offer delay”, “many times” intentionally or “maliciously” to carry out “all -out warehouse” in 3 minutes, and earning the price difference of non-market prices of the transaction platform within a short period of time.

7. When the transaction volume of the suspected abnormal trading has very big difference from the previous one, for example, the transaction size of instant change from 0.10 - 0.50 lots to 5.0 - 10.0 lots.


Method to deal with the abnormal trades by ACU Bullion:

1. When the transaction loss is more than 10% of the capital during a period of time, there is no any processing, and the amount of client’s deposit is distributed to client.

2. When the transaction loss is lower than 10% of the transaction capital in audit cycle, it will charge 10% of the capital as abnormal transaction cost, and the balance will be distributed to the client.

3. When the transaction is profitable in the period of audit, it will deduct all the profit and will charge 10% of the capital as abnormal transaction cost, and then the balance is distributed to the client.


Note: the above does not include all definitions of abnormal transaction. If there is any suspended transaction account beyond the above definitions, the company might take further action and place it under the freeze account list. The verification time might need to be lengthened to 90 days, and the company shall retain the ultimate right of interpretation.

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