Privacy Policy

ACU Bullion privacy policy is to protect the rights and interests of customers in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Regulations, facilitate customers to open and maintain precious metal accounts, and provide financing and financial advisory services. ACU Bullion loyally monitors the personal data provided by customers in a confidential manner. Except for legal approval, ACU Bullion will never give any non-public information to any individual person.

When a customer opens or maintains a trading account in ACU Bullion, the personal information provided will only be used for the company’s internal business purposes, such as assessing the customer’s financial needs, processing customer transactions and other requirements, and providing relevant information. Products and services, provide services on general transactions, and confirm customer identities in accordance with regulatory procedures. The data that ACU Bullion needs customers to provide for its operation include:

(1) The personal information provided on the account application form and other forms related to ACU Bullion, such as name, address, date of birth, ID number, occupation, assets and income information, etc.;

(2) Transaction information related to the client and ACU Bullion and its subsidiaries;

(3) Information about the customer survey report company;

(4) Information about verifying the identity of customers, such as government documents, passports or driving licenses.

ACU Bullion will only make limited access to the information provided by customers to employees serving customers in order to provide relevant customer services and product introductions. ACU Bullion also only authorizes the new account application to access relevant information through the electronic system. These procedural requirements are all to protect customers' non-public information from being disclosed, and to protect customers' privacy. ACU Bullion will not sell or lease the customer's name and personal information to any person.

About Cookies

Cookies are a tracking device on the customer's hard disk, which can track and store information about the customer's use of online services. ACU Bullion may set and access ACU Bullion Cookies on the client's computer to help ACU Bullion understand which advertisements and promotions attract customers to visit ACU Bullion’s website. ACU Bullion and its branches may use Cookies in ACU Bullion’s products and services to track customers’ browsing on ACU Bullion’s website. The collected and shared information is unnamed and cannot be individually identified.


Safety technology

ACU Bullion will do its best to protect the information provided by customers. We will continue to improve confidentiality technology to prevent customers' data from being intercepted and stolen on the way to ACU Bullion. ACU Bullion is committed to ensuring that the website is safe and compliant with industry standards, and uses other data protection tools, such as firewalls, authentication systems (passwords and personal ID numbers, etc.), and operation control mechanisms to control unauthorized system access and access to data.

Some financial products and services provided by ACU Bullion may need to share the above personal data with third-party service providers and some promotion companies that are not affiliated with ACU Bullion. These include providing services on behalf of ACU Bullion in the form of contracts. Companies, such as companies that prepare and mail monthly statements, and software companies that maintain and develop data processing. These companies representing ACU Bullion must keep personal information confidential.

In addition, in response to legal requirements, ACU Bullion is allowed to disclose personal information to regulatory agencies. For example, if it is necessary to comply with court orders or other official requirements, or to protect the rights and properties of ACU Bullion, ACU Bullion needs to cooperate with regulatory agencies or law enforcement agencies to disclose personal information. Before disclosing non-public personal information to a third party not affiliated with ACU Bullion, the customer will be notified of the privacy policy first, and the customer will be given sufficient time to withdraw from participating in the disclosure of information. Before publishing new types of personal data, before new types of non-personal data, and before disclosing information to a new third party (not affiliated with ACU Bullion), provide customers with a revised privacy policy and a new withdrawal notice. All employees of ACU Bullion are subject to reasonable supervision when implementing policies to ensure compliance with the law.

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