Step 1: Contact customer service and submit account information

The customer's bank information has been bound when opening an account. When withdrawing money, you need to provide relevant account information to the customer service to facilitate withdrawal. The information to be provided includes account number, name, and withdrawal amount. If you need to change the beneficiary bank's information, you must fill in the "Application Form for Change of Information" and have it reviewed by ACU before proceeding with the withdrawal.


Step 2: Accept the withdrawal application and confirm the withdrawal information

The designated currency of the spot precious metal trading account is the U.S. dollar account. After you apply for the withdrawal, ACU will convert the relevant U.S. dollar currency according to the exchange rate of the day, and the customer service will confirm to you the actual amount received after the conversion.


Step3 Remit money

ACU will remit the funds to the receiving bank account bound when you opened the account according to the withdrawal amount provided by you.



1. If the withdrawal is less than US$50, we will deduct US$5 from the withdrawal amount as a service fee.

2. If the injected capital is not used for investment transactions, we will charge 10% of the injected capital as a transfer fee.

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